Dry Ice Blasting Services

  • Environmentally friendly: the CO2 disappears on surface contact – no secondary waste stream generated.
  • Versatile: nearly unlimited applications, such as delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning to heavy slag removal.
  • Non-abrasive: no chemical/water danger to your equipment or components.
  • No harsh of hazardous solvents needed.
  • No damage to the surface being cleaned.

In dry ice blasting, the temperature difference between the dry ice particles (-109 degrees F or -78.3 degrees C) and the surface being treated, creates thermal shock, breaking the bond between the substrate and the contaminant to be removed. The dry ice particles vaporize on impact, so no secondary waste stream is created.

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Established in 2004, Clean Blast Inc understands that clean facilities and equipment can significantly increase performance and efficiency of your operation. That’s why we use the latest in blast cleaning methods and processes in cleaning grease, dirt, grime, hazardous materials, paint, and other contaminants from machinery and equipment for our heavy industrial clients. We offer Dry Ice Blasting, Vacuum Abrasive Blasting, Wet Slurry Cleaning, Sandblasting, RPR Rust and paint removal and Hot and Cold Power Washing. Our team of experts will assess your needs and customize the most efficient and effective cleaning method needed for your company.
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