Sandblasting Services

There are many types of blast cleaning services and methods. Your location and your application are unique. Together we’ll assess the area and requirements for cleaning your equipment or location. Sandblasting is a more traditional method of cleaning and is often very effective and less costly. We can customize the cleaning services for your application with a combination of several of our blast cleaning services. Feel free to call us or request a quote online.

Sandblasting Services

  • Useful when a profiled surface is required, sandblasting can be used to smooth, shape or clean hard surfaces.
  • Sandblasting or dry abrasive blasting removes rust, paint, scale, discoloration from heat treatments and many other defects.
  • This type of blast cleaning is a preparatory step for your surface which may be finished with paint, plating, power coating or other finishes.
  • We offer mobile, commercial sand blasting services depending on your application and need.


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Established in 2004, Clean Blast Inc understands that clean facilities and equipment can significantly increase performance and efficiency of your operation. That’s why we use the latest in blast cleaning methods and processes in cleaning grease, dirt, grime, hazardous materials, paint, and other contaminants from machinery and equipment for our heavy industrial clients. We offer Dry Ice Blasting, Vacuum Abrasive Blasting, Wet Slurry Cleaning, Sandblasting, RPR Rust and paint removal and Hot and Cold Power Washing. Our team of experts will assess your needs and customize the most efficient and effective cleaning method needed for your company.
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