Vacuum Abrasive Blast Cleaning

  • Vacuum Abrasive Blasting contains 98% of particulates making it a clean blasting option
  • Technicians maintain a consistent, precise blast pattern
  • Media is recycled for continued use, lowering media cost and overall expense
  • Great for facility interiors and/or confined spaces

When Clean Blast uses vacuum abrasive blasting services for your application, a very powerful, efficient vacuum is attached directly to the blasting nozzle. After the surface is cleaned, the waste and media are reclaimed directly into the vacuum system. The most effective media for use in the dry abrasive process is garnet, steel grit, or aluminum oxide.  You can count on us, our experience and equipment to complete any type of project safely and cost-effectively. Curious if this type of blast cleaning service will work for you? Please call us at 1-800-975-6324 or contact us today.